Bob and Elizabeth welcome you to the Karman Farm!

We're back!  It's Spring of 2002 with so many projects to do.  Come on along with us to see what's happening on the Karman Farm.  Click on a button of your choice:

Spring 2001


Spring 2002


Vegetable Garden

The Goose Resort
Building Raised Beds

The Animals
Building a Pole Bean Trellis

Sunsets at the Farm
Growing Corn

Veggies and Fruits
Fruit on a Hill


Jenny, Sweet Jenny

Reed Elias Joins the Family
The Animals

Karman Farm  Moves to the High Desert
Building a Goose Spa



Vegetable Garden     -     Building Raised Beds     -     Building a Pole Bean Trellis     -     Growing Corn     -     Fruit on a Hill     -    Flowers     -     The Animals     -     Building a Goose Spa     -     Home



The Goose Resort     -     The Animals     -     Sunsets at the Farm     -     Veggies and Fruits     -     Home